Shopping for that Special Someone

Shopping for that Special Someone

You have an upcoming birthday or anniversary with that special someone in your life and you’re stumped as to what to buy.  You’re not alone many of us find ourselves in that situation from time to time.  You want the gift to be meaningful and to let them know that you put some thought into it.  If you are still stumped then let us help you find something perfect when shopping for that special someone.

Personalise the Gift

Giving someone you love a gift is a way to show that love.  That doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank but you do need to give something that shows this gift is just for them.

Look for Something Handmade

If you are the crafty sort then making something handmade is ideal.  If you put together a gift with your own two hands (yes you can get help) then it becomes that much more meaningful to the receiver.  Experiences count as gifts too, so find some experience that they really want to try like driving a race car or going to a museum works too.

If you aren’t the handy sort then you can get something that has been handcrafted by an artist or craftsman.  There are tons of sites online that you can search for the perfect handcrafted gift.  Check out Etsy or Craftfurnish for ideas.


People of all ages use gadget be it a smart phone or an iPad.  What is the latest gadget that your spouse wants?  Gadgets are just about the easiest gift to buy and still impress someone.  There is a whole range of options and price points for you to choose from.

Where to Shop

If you would rather do almost anything than head over to the mall, when you’re in luck this is the digital age and now you can shop from the comfort of your own home.  Here are some amazing sites to find great gift ideas.

  • Amazon: Amazon has absolutely EVERYTHING under the sun.  You can either browse around for ideas or just check the pricing on what you want.  Amazon has just about the fastest delivery time of any ecommerce site so if you put off gift giving til the last minute then Amazon can help.
  • Uncommon Goods: If you are looking for something really rare and unusual then give this site a try. There are a ton of unique that also have a purpose.