Shopping for Dad

Shopping for Dad

If there is anything more difficult that trying to find the perfect gift for your mom it has to be trying to find a gift for your dad.  Birthday’s, Christmas or any other holiday it doesn’t matter, shopping for dad is always difficult.  How many power tools can you buy before you run out of options?  Let’s not even mention how many times your poor dad got socks as a gift.  If you want some unique gift ideas that show your appreciation for everything your dad has done then read on.

Fitbit Smart Watch

Let your dad find out just how many steps they take on the golf course.  A fitness watch is a great idea can help your dad stay in shape and keep track of their activities.  It is harder to stay in shape as you get older, so give your dad a little hand.  Fitbits are more than just a fitness tracker today they come with a ton of apps including the ability to make payments on the go.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a great gift for everyone including your dad.  Get a pair with some great sound so he can appreciate his music wherever he goes.  If your dad isn’t that tech savvy you may have to pair them to his device but we promise he will love them.

Omaha Steak Combo Packs

If your dad is king of the grill then this is something that he will really love.  It is also a great way to get yourself invited to dinner!  This package will be delivered to his doorstep and you will get a combo of grilling classics including the famous Omaha steaks along with some chicken, burgers, hot dogs and even something thrown in for dessert.  One pack can feed four people so depending on the size of your family you may want to order a couple of them.

Home Brewing Beer Kit

Does your dad like a nice cold beer with his buddies on a hot day?  What about if he tried his hand at making his own beer?  You can get kits that include everything he needs to brew his own batch of beer.  The instructions are simple and a couple of weeks later he has a couple of gallons of home brew to share with the boys.

Hopefully this makes shopping for your dad’s next birthday just a little bit easier and you can finally find him a gift that isn’t socks.